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There are times when a certain piece of news will shock, sadden and baffle the hell out of you!!!

Riots,yes those ‘riots!!!’

London,Manchester,Birmingham and other cities and towns throughout the UK are still shocked and saddened by those awful,awful episodes of murders,intimidation,asaults,burglaries and arson(not forgetting the danger which the police suffered,officers under constant attack by misiles,bricks, akin to a war zone)This is not Somalia,this is not Afghanistan,this is not Kabul,this is Great Britain,we have a democracy which many countries crave.

Today the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited an area of Birmingham which is recovering from the murders of those mindless looters.

News clips revealed smiles on the faces of the participants within those ’aggressive’ gangs intent on stealing,waltzing out of shops,with armfuls of clothes,shoes,trainers,  televisions and mobile phones after having smashed their way through the windows.

Leaving inner cities similar to war zones.

There are stores which encourage the more affluent shopper and also the  chain stores,which  provide employment and which in turn help to support and build the economy of that certain area.Destroy those business’s and the community suffers.

Gangs it seems use aggression and violence along with covert intimidation.

2 Quotes which i noted from a recent article in a certain magazine,read:

’1)There will always be someone who has less.There will always be someone who has more.’

2)’You cannot make a poor man rich by making a rich man poor’

A different opinion or point of view is welcomed and encouraged in a democracy.

Retail figures published recently were predictably low,certainly not helped by recent events.

Retailers within London,Mancheser,Birmingham and certain towns are suffering with negative foot fall. 

Covert or aggressive intimidation,assault,murder,rioting,looting,arson burglary, is not  part of a civilised democracy.

Envy,greed,jealousy may have also played a part in those awful days of the riots.

At this stage i do thank those kind,and thoughtful gentlemen who have called/emailed with concern as to my welfare.As i have two websites and the domain name to one of those being  http://cityofbirminghamescort.co.uk and also main website http://www.helen-jameson.com  which mentions London and Birmingham.(And also availble throughout the UK.) 

The above post gives a clariy to my opinions regarding those awful awful riots.

Normality is resuming to those inner cities,with 126 days before Christmas and Harrods already has in place their famous Christmas shop and Christmas cards spotted in certain stores within South Birmingham.

Touchwood,Solihull,South Birmingham and Bicester Village Outlet are certainly gearing up for those early christmas shoppers.

A fleeting visit to York,Ebor race meeting was most enjoyable,for sure!!




Being a romantic at heart i could not let today go by without writing thoughts/comments.

You may have purchased an exclusive gift for your special someone.


Did you choose the correct colour?


Dark Pink-For your secret love.

Orange-Ultra passionate with intense desire.

Purple-Showing adoration

Or an exclusive gift from her favourite designer,Dianne Von Furstenberg,Vivienne Westwood or Yves Saint Laurent.

Fragrance,an option which would not fail to impress.,Clive Christian,Chic,lavish and extravagant,with hints of Orchid,rose and white peach.

Lets not forget those three very special words. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

‘Run my bath’

‘Five more minutes’

Do remember Helen Jameson has a fantastic sense of humour and believe’s romance and humour  go hand in hand(no pun intended)

What did one snake say to the other snake?

“Give me a little hug and a hiss,honey.”

Have an absolutely fabulous Valentines day/evening.

x x