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Throughout the UK,London,Harrogate,York etc.,

                                                 La Cortigiana Matura Perfetta

                                                 Your Perfect Mature Courtesan

To re-iterate,although mentioned more than once within this site.

Having the flexibility to travel throughout the UK ie., London,(South West)Plymouth,Bath,Oxford,Cheltenham,Cheshire,Harrogate,York,Scottish borders and of course Ireland.

Were you to prefer to meet with a mature courtesan,i would be more than happy to browse diary and arrange to meet.Albeit you may have your preferences,a lady also has her preferences.

ie.,to meet only with ‘mature’,professional gentlemen.

And quite rightly,it is her parogative to decline a meeting,when it is felt that there will not be a completely relaxed ambience.

Do read the above before making contact either via telephone or email.

07955 302 342          


Recently a most perfect meeting with the most perfect mature,gentleman took place:

Perfect hotel,divine dining,and(mainly)the best of company all made for the most relaxed of meetings.Suffice to say  a repeat meeting has been arranged.

Enjoy the Easter Holidays and the Royal Wedding.

So many reasons to be cheerful x x