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Yes,serendipity it must have happened to you at some stage in your life.

It truly is amazing when you least expect your day(whilst browsing the German Christmas Market Birmingham) to literally bump into certain friends.  

How fantastic to catch up,chatting for most of the afternoon and almost completely forgetting the Christmas shopping.

They also have a similar sense of humour etc., and as they hadn’t visited Birmingham for a while were quite impressed with the changes.We,surely had a fabulous afternoon and have of course(before their train journey down south) made sure to arrange to meet during and after the festive season.

And not forgetting to say ‘happy christmas’ to the somewhat gorgeous mature gentleman who went out of his way to suggest certain items of lingerie I would(in his words)look fabulous wearing. He was extremely subtle and not in the least tacky or distasteful in his comments.

Christmas can be a time of stressful  for some people and also,those who may have lost a loved one.

It is,times such as these where it is possible to reflect and know how precious each and every day is and that serendipity plays a huge part in everyone’s life.

And never forget the ’good,kind and genuine’ people you have in your life.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .








New Photographs

Yes,new photographs and from the excellent response i am pleased to say i also have a 2nd site.

A briliantly designed new website to showcase my fabulous new photographs.

It is a site which of course sits alongside my favourite http://www.helen-jameson.com

Pop the following url into your Google search  http://www.maturehelenj.co.uk 

The design ooozes a warm feel from the rich colours,yet still in keeping with a straightforward design,no swirling graphics etc.,etc.,

Navigation of the site is to the point.

Please note that London is also mentioned within the text at the foot of each page (along with contact details)and again stresses i am available to meet with you in the Capital for the lengthier meetings ie.,dinner/date,overnight liasons etc.,

Not forgetting and  also mentioned Birmingham, wherethere exist fantastic shopping opportunities,hidden gems of hotels,preferred restaurants.

The text(which is original and self explanitory)gives details (which you may well be aware of)regarding my preference to meet with ‘MatureProfessional Gentlemen’

You may or may not be aware that to read the text at the foot of each page,there is a need for you to scroll down with your cursor to the right hand side of the screen(I do realise you may be concentrating on the visual side of my site rather than the text,enjoy!!)

It is (I.M.O) that only when like minded individuals meet, that a relaxed and memorable encounter can take place.

A true courtesan is not only one dimensional but much,much more.

Thankyou for the many compliments received with regard both to my new photographs and new website.

Remember:Don’t put something  off forever,as you never know when forever is. x x

07955 302342     irishcharmhj@fastmail.net   helen@helen-jameson.com





Not long now!!!

Not long now NEW PICS are with my web designer with request to add to galleries.

I have also requested that each one is ‘water marked’.As with past experience it seems the case certain individuals think they can use my pics to their benefit.Oh no,no,no they cannot.

Anyone who has met with Helen will know how organised she is,also not  forgetting, fun to be, a chic sexy style and a sensual aura.

And yes,have requested pics to be added in a certain order,purely for you!

As mentioned in previous post the photo shoot was a fantastic day from begining to end.

Enjoy the sunshine today and especially your weekend x x


Contact via telephone 07955 302342

When considering to meet contact via telephone is preferrable to email.

Leaving a message on voicemail system  is also advisable on occassions,as i may be otherwise engaged ………………………..at the gymn or horseriding or  a little retail therapy or .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And the reason for this post is:

To point out that calling or leaving a message on voicemail system is received much faster at times than an email.

Look forward to your call.

07955 302342




Quiet and Exclusive

Quiet and exclusive with a mix of classic and contemporary,words which aptly describe this hidden gem.Works of art lined the walls of the entrance/lobby.With a view over the Imperial Gardens(Cheltenham)Five stars in every respect.

Were you to favour one or two of the original works of art it was also possible to purchase.

Glowing  reviews from:

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine,The Good Hotel Guide,TimeOut London,Michelin Guide 2012,The Guardian and

The Telegraph.

I would so love to enter the name of this paticular hotel,but feel the exclusivity gives it the appeal to ensure more than one visit is a must.

The surrounding area,the michelin starred restaurants and the Cotswolds on the doorstep makes it one of the most enjoyable UK destinations thoroughly enjoyed with   - – - -  who was and is an utter gentleman at all times.

The weather may be changeable in the extreme yet good friends never change and the gentleman/friend mentioned(a name is not relevant,as discretion is paramount at all times)was a pleasure to be with for the two days/evenings we both thoroughly enjoyed.Enjoying a similar sense of humour,the fabulous surroundings,the fine dining.

Not forgetting our private time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Spas,horseriding,restful Sundays with Sunday Times to hand,West End shows,retail therapy(of course)reading(current read ’Wired For Culture’ Author:Mark Pagel)Absolutely adore the written word,to be immersed in every page.Forget those ebooks/kindle etc., Turning each page of a book draws the reader closer and closer to each marvellous word of the English language.Next book to purchase will be ‘Britain Etc.,’ Author:Mark Easton. Who uses each letter of the  alphabet as a means to describe British culture etc.,

The title of this post is relevant in that the most recent interest/hobby i have been introduced to is:Clay Pigeon shooting.Shropshire has one of the better ranges,with facilities to match – 14 acres in total.

Further interests:

Eclectic taste in music:Classical/Jazz/Artists:Adele,Duffy,Ed Sheeran etc.,etc.,

English countryside,Cheltenham(Especially this week,any one who has the slightest interest in horses will be aware of the Cheltenham Gold Cup)

A very natural interest in all things Irish is always present,with a special regard to this particular time of year.

March 17th St Particks Day 

You may want to celebrate St Particks Day the Jameson way







Visiting Carlisle

A few days to breath in all that fresh air up t’north and enjoy the stunning countryside Cumbria has in abundance.

Carlise to be precise,over two days.

Whilst enjoying all Cumbria has to offer,i would be more than happy to meet.

Regarding dates,call/email   07955 302342