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Vanishing,Oh no,far from it . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Firstly,apologies to those who were trying to take a peek at my website http://www.helen-jameson.com for what I think must have been a week or longer and were not able to access the site,it is now of course up and running,the reasons(which I feel you should know are detailed below)Being an extremely organised individual I was to say the least’upset’ to know you were not able to view my fabulous website.

I feel this should partly consist of a disclaimer ie.,through no fault of mine,as it was not fault of mine.

You may have thought for approximately 7 days or so I had totally vanished or rather my website had disappeared.I say 7 days it may well have been longer. I will when future renewal of domain name becomes due,follow up immediately.And the indication that the domain name has renewed is that the website is live and still visible to the google search engine.Simples!!!! What’s that famous saying ‘its not ROCKET SCIENCE’  .

Had I not thought on Sunday 13th October just to take a peek at my fabulous ‘main’ website(which I tend not to do as I feel it should be fine in all respects) I would not have discovered that it simply was not live ie., the domain name had not auto-renewed(as mentioned by web design company)

Your website is your window to the world ie.,WORLD,WIDE,WEB so if your website is down.it looks to those who try to search for you that your particular window has disappeared.

Do keep in contact with your web designer.(or whoever is hosting your website)

Remember:Check and double check that your each and every request has been carried out,or it is you who feel the  negative impact if your site vanishes from sight.

Just to say . . . . . . . . .

Just to say ‘thankyou’ to Richard & Mandy (  http://www.69design.co.uk  ) for the hard work put into making my main (http://www.helen-jameson.com ) website a much more responsive site. Which now when choosing to view the html version on your iphone,apple mac,ipad or android device experience will be even more pleasing to the eye.

Those who have their favourite pc as an alternative to the above can view both the flash version and html version.

Options for each of you(my gorgeous,distinguished mature,professional gentlemen)




End October:YouTube Idea

Do you ever have that eureka moment,yes you do!

End of October yes that eureka moment occurred.

With Social Networking being the biggest thing since sliced bread,it seems quite uncool not to be included.

Hence i made enquiries regarding a YouTube promotion slideshow,yes sounds very technical yet extremely effective.

Link Twitter to Youtube to Facebook and in 3 easy steps your profile literally jumps to the top rung on the promo ladder.

Great when someones idea becomes the next advertising opportunity for all !!