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New Year, London

Date: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd February      

Week-end, not Birmingham,

Looking forward to a refreshing change of scenery in London  

Which coincides with the festivities taking place within Central  London, celebrating the Chinese New Year. Which starts on Friday 31st January.

Courtesy of Mr - ,who is the most distinguished of gentlemen. As you are aware I will only meet with mature, professional gentlemen.

A little more info:

I have mentioned previously that Birmingham does have gourmet restaurants and there are two of which have an enviable reputation producing a fabulous menu to set your taste buds alight.

Yet,the options within central London are many indeed.  

A table has been reserved by Mr –  within the stunning Hakkasan Chinese restaurant 



U.S.A.- Miami, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills,

China -  Shanghai

Good company, fun times and the most courtesous of gentlemen.

An unbeatable combination.

To those I have met and those I have yet to meet I wish you a New Year with good health always, happiness never ending and many many sunny days full of memories which will always bring a smile to any rainy day.


Kung Hei Fat Choi “


Hotel GB

Now you would be forgiven for thinking Hotel GB is promoting all hotels within the UK. No, a friend tells me this is a reality programme on a certain tv channel(not sure which one as i rarely watch tv)

So lets verge in a different direction,still talking hotels.My favourites to be precise and if you happen to be travelling to the UK from across the pond(USA)or from across the water (EIRE) you may find this post to be of interest.



Guoman Hotels

The Tower Hotel,Charing Cross,The Grosvenor(my favourite) The Royal Horseguards and The Cumberland.


The Goring (again a favourite,and mentioned in a previous post)

ABode hotels,are also fab and are located in Chelsea,Exeter,Canterbury,Chester, Manchester, and Scotland(Glasgow)Names of their rooms are either:Desirable,Enviable or Fabulous on Fifth. Being desirable and enviable ensconsed within Fabulous on Fifth sounds like pure bliss.Michael Caines dining is just deliciously delectable alongside Mark Rossi at their Manchester hotel.

Not forgetting that your flight may take you to Birmingham,a fab newish 4 star hotel http://www.hotel-latour.co.uk has established itself as a hotel for those wanting that something extra special from a one or two day business trip.Your trip from the Birmingham Airportto this hotel is approximately 15 minutes(or so my suited and booted businessman mentioned last week)

As ever i will mention that i can and do visit London(oh,those city gents and their tailored suits,such a turn on. . . . . . . )

Your Stylishly Sensual  Courtesan

07955 302342





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