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Symphony Hall Birmingham

Comedy,sense of humour or the lighter side of life should always be part of your everyday.

And when I noticed Milton Jones was appearing at the Symphony Hall Birmingham,there was no hesitation in making sure I would be there.

His sense of humour  tends to consist of, cleverly quick witted one liners, Which I must admit were  hilarious.

The English language is a fascinating and fabulous tool which can be used in so many ways and comedy being one of the better options.

The Irish heritage I posses tends to ere towards the lighter side of life.

Have you ever wondered how many emotions men have?

Men have two emotions Horny or Hungry.If he isn’t horny make him a sandwich.

And never argue with ugly people,they have nothing to lose.

And there’s more to follow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Celebrate,Saturday 23rd April

A day to celebrate,Saturday 23rd April,(not to be forgotton)St Georges Day.

Having already celebrated Irelands day(St Patricks Day)yet will of course remember Englands day,St Georges Day.

A day to celebrate all that is British.

There are many events within Birmingham ie., Victorial Square – 11am-5pm.

Including English contemporary music and the Symphony Orchestra.

Continuing the celebrations within the Symphony Hall – 6pm-9pm.

Were you to visit London on this day:On stage musical entertainment will take place in

 Trafalgar Square  from 12.30pm-6pm.

You will find more info on the following websites:





Have a great day and enjoy wearing your English Rose