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Mature Birmingham Escort

Preferring to use the word Courtesan and not escort.

Whilst you are either travelling South to North, alternatively North to South and feel the journey has been somewhat stressful and prefer time ‘just for you’ do call or email to enable you relax and unwind from the rigours of daily life.

Those endless obligatory meetings, networking,  visits to Birmingham Nec all can take its toll on one’s stress level.

I do realise that others may think, what a glorious life it must be to constantly attend numerous meetings, with time away from familiar surroundings.

Yet the truth is,that the constant need for you to outperform last years sales figures/reach targets, certainly must make even the most focused,feel more than just a ‘little’ stressed.

Therefore, you may just want to spend time away from those stresses and prefer time just for you with an elegant,mature companion who is most of all fun to be with, yet also able to converse on most subjects.

Wether a brief encounter alternatively a dinner/date at a restaurant of your choice. I would be more than happy to discuss via telephone.

Do leave a message on the voicemail system(If I happen to be driving)

Have a great week

Helen x x

ps: there is a certain protocol I follow which ensures I will meet only with the ‘mature, professional, gentlemen’ which must also put your mind at rest knowing the exclusivity of Helen Jameson  


A fabulous time was had whilst in London over the recent weekend and spring is almost here, and it is a time year I absolutely adore.

Valentines Day also approaching and my oh so gorgeous select ’mature’ professional gents do tend to think of lingerie as the perfect gift.

Having noticed the Spring Fair is taking place at present until  Thursday 6th February,2014 whilst planning your visit you may have a window of opportunity to include a related event ie,


A relaxing brief encounter, alternatively a lengthier liason, a dinner/date which would ensure an ultimate relaxed break which you desire and deserve.(an overnight liason is also an option you may consider)

Yes, London was fabulous.

Yet Birmingham does have fantastic hotels( a few gorgeous hidden gems)and restaurants which do have Michelin stars(not wanting to sound pretentious ,yet as I do, a  mature professional gentleman tends to prefer quality  in every respect)

07955 302342




Visiting Carlisle

A few days to breath in all that fresh air up t’north and enjoy the stunning countryside Cumbria has in abundance.

Carlise to be precise,over two days.

Whilst enjoying all Cumbria has to offer,i would be more than happy to meet.

Regarding dates,call/email   07955 302342