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Visiting Carlisle

A few days to breath in all that fresh air up t’north and enjoy the stunning countryside Cumbria has in abundance.

Carlise to be precise,over two days.

Whilst enjoying all Cumbria has to offer,i would be more than happy to meet.

Regarding dates,call/email   07955 302342




A recent email has prompted this post.

Discretion as always being a priority,i will not reveal the identity of the person who sent the email.

The jist of it requested i make contact when visiting certain parts of the UK.So that a meeting could take place.And i will of course be doing just that when next travelling to that particular part of the country.

I do need to add that it still may not be apparent to some who browse this site that i have the flexibility and am more than happy to travel throughout our Great British Isle to join you whilst you are staying in your 4/5 star hotel,to enjoy an relaxing dinner/date, alternatively an ultimately relaxing overnight meeting.

Wether your hotel is situated within a major city ie., London,Oxford,Bath,Cheltenham,Harrogate Cheshire or Manchester etc.,.It may also be the case that you are staying in a Country House Hotel,nestled in our Great British countryside,i would be more than happy to join you. 

There truly are  stunning hotels,which do make for the ultimate relaxing liason. 

Look forward to your call/email.

07955 302342