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Yes,serendipity it must have happened to you at some stage in your life.

It truly is amazing when you least expect your day(whilst browsing the German Christmas Market Birmingham) to literally bump into certain friends.  

How fantastic to catch up,chatting for most of the afternoon and almost completely forgetting the Christmas shopping.

They also have a similar sense of humour etc., and as they hadn’t visited Birmingham for a while were quite impressed with the changes.We,surely had a fabulous afternoon and have of course(before their train journey down south) made sure to arrange to meet during and after the festive season.

And not forgetting to say ‘happy christmas’ to the somewhat gorgeous mature gentleman who went out of his way to suggest certain items of lingerie I would(in his words)look fabulous wearing. He was extremely subtle and not in the least tacky or distasteful in his comments.

Christmas can be a time of stressful  for some people and also,those who may have lost a loved one.

It is,times such as these where it is possible to reflect and know how precious each and every day is and that serendipity plays a huge part in everyone’s life.

And never forget the ’good,kind and genuine’ people you have in your life.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .








Throughout the UK,London,Harrogate,York etc.,

                                                 La Cortigiana Matura Perfetta

                                                 Your Perfect Mature Courtesan

To re-iterate,although mentioned more than once within this site.

Having the flexibility to travel throughout the UK ie., London,(South West)Plymouth,Bath,Oxford,Cheltenham,Cheshire,Harrogate,York,Scottish borders and of course Ireland.

Were you to prefer to meet with a mature courtesan,i would be more than happy to browse diary and arrange to meet.Albeit you may have your preferences,a lady also has her preferences.

ie.,to meet only with ‘mature’,professional gentlemen.

And quite rightly,it is her parogative to decline a meeting,when it is felt that there will not be a completely relaxed ambience.

Do read the above before making contact either via telephone or email.

07955 302 342          


Recently a most perfect meeting with the most perfect mature,gentleman took place:

Perfect hotel,divine dining,and(mainly)the best of company all made for the most relaxed of meetings.Suffice to say  a repeat meeting has been arranged.

Enjoy the Easter Holidays and the Royal Wedding.

So many reasons to be cheerful x x

Valentines Day

I will not bore you with the history of 14th February,i do imagine you have read through blogs which may well bore you senseless with paragraph after paragraph of  waffle.

Just think of . . . . .

 Oysters and Champagne,classical music and the most divine restaurant in the city of York a meeting of like(mature)minds and a building anticipation of the  perfect  evening.

And the gift of Pure Tiffany Parfam.

A more than perfect evening 

Such a pleasure  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .

A further invitation has also encouraged a further visit  to the Northern part of our Great British Isle,a trip to Harrogate.Where culture abounds.