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The Perfect Blog

Is there a perfect blog?The answer is quite definetly yes,i must add at this point there are certain points to remember.

A successful post (in time)becomes similar,yet not exactly the same as  your Daily Newspaper.

Thus the ardent follower of certain websites will log in only to read the blog.

The person reading the ever changing posts may not realise the more successful the blog the higher the ‘google’ ranking.Which is a dream for the search engines.And so the website is yet more and more popular,great news!!

You will notice you will continue to read what is topical ie.,the funnier side of recent news events,also the more serious side,celebrity gossip etc.,

Google Keywords,which may be termed as words to search an item of interest.

Placing a photograph within your post is also a fantastic idea.

To gain your daily read Online.Available without the need to subscribe are:

The Guardian,also the Daily Mail  and if you were wanting a more indepth read ie.,economics,The Economist is available also without having to pay a subscription fee.




The jist of this post is to point out that it may be a natural flair combined with a passion to search/research which combines to make an outstandingly knowledgable blog,which in turn creates much more traffic to your website.A journalistic flair!!

And also more importantly your site will rank much higher in the google rankings.

Were you to mention or link to the popular social networking sites ie.,Twitter and or Facebook and you will have a marketing tool which stands above many who fail to do this.

Were you to link your site to Youtube your site will also see an increase in traffic.

As well as the above,there are many more marketing tools to consider when creating and nurturing your website. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Mature Escort

Google search- Mature Escort,Dublin and this may well lead you to http://www.helen-jameson.com

Being asked on a regular basis as to wether i shall be visiting Ireland,i am happy to say (later this year) i  plan to do just that.

For the avid traveller i would imagine http://www.laterooms.com is a must when a diary at times needs to be flexible(yet organised)

I have noticed a number of 4 star  Dublin hotels on the above site and also discovered a gem of a hotel whilst researching the surrounding areas of Dublin.

Suffice to say the hidden gem will stay hidden,unless you too have the same  desire to find the perfect,luxurious retreat for an intimate liason. 

When browsing a certain website,a particular sentence(which was used to describe the exclusive indulgencies to their guests) raised a smile.

It read:

‘Jameson’ nightcap on turndown. !!!!!!

Moving on . . . . . .

Your recommendations regarding 4/5 star hotels would also be welcome.(Especially those of you who are from the Emerald Isle itself)

Do drop an email with any  specific dates you may have in mind.    

With a countryside to WOW the  tourist,the vibrant Dublin coupled with a warm welcome,a fantastic sense of humour being down to earth and  never pretentious,Ireland awaits.