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New Website has stolen my details

A ‘newish’ website has chosen to steal my photographs(ones you will recognise immediately where i am wearing my gorgeous dress,black/white striped top section and black skirt,which has a white background)steal my telephone number and use their own form to filter emails.

Suffice to say i am a tad angry at this inept attitude which prevails with the new websites which want to make an impact by having quality strewn on the first page of their site.Namely they have put my photograph on the bottom right corner of their entry page.

Not wanting to name the website,but i am sure they will soon realise that their TOTAL LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM  in choosing to STEAL MY PHOTOGRAPHS/TELEPHONE NUMBER will be remembered for a long time to come.

I will and do mention at any stage within the advertising structure i have those who choose to take advantage of and steal photographs for their own benefit(to make their new website look much better than it really is)without the given permisson to do so.

Jealousy and envy take many different forms,the above being one of them.

Stealing my photographs,telephone number,putting incorrect information and adding them to an unscrupulous website,then advertising that said website on a’ free’ listing.

I am sure you will agree Jealousy and Envy rears its ugly head at times and the above is a reminder that it comes in many forms.Were any of these new websites to think it will not be noticed if they post stolen photographs,telephone numbers and incorrect details they are sadly mistaken.

It will be mentioned in all the relevant places on the web.


This particular issue has now been resolved.

ps:aggressive marketing is not appreciated in any way shape or form





Celebrate,Saturday 23rd April

A day to celebrate,Saturday 23rd April,(not to be forgotton)St Georges Day.

Having already celebrated Irelands day(St Patricks Day)yet will of course remember Englands day,St Georges Day.

A day to celebrate all that is British.

There are many events within Birmingham ie., Victorial Square – 11am-5pm.

Including English contemporary music and the Symphony Orchestra.

Continuing the celebrations within the Symphony Hall – 6pm-9pm.

Were you to visit London on this day:On stage musical entertainment will take place in

 Trafalgar Square  from 12.30pm-6pm.

You will find more info on the following websites:





Have a great day and enjoy wearing your English Rose