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Sunday July 3rd and 10th

Timewise, Sundays are a great opportunity to opt for that  something which is a little different and

that time of year is certainly here,the hot,sultry somewhat tropical temperatures.

And what could be more relaxing than the thought of enjoying this Great British Isle(including Scotland)

Visits to:

Oxford,Dorset and Edinburgh.

And the reason:

As i am a foody at heart(not gluten i may swiftly add) and at times enjoy the finer restaurants.

There are particular events taking place within those fine cities.


Oxford,Tew Park




And loving  John Dory,Monkfish,Seabass and the like,it is a must to visit Dorset,details via



And further North:


The Meadows,

Gary Rhodes and Jean-Christophe Novelli , tempting the taste buds.



Look,discover,enjoy(now,are you thinking of  Helen Jameson,or  places to visit-i could carry on and on with the double meanings,i find the written word fascinating)

Have a great summer