2012 Wishing You Your Best Ever Year

You may read or hear more than once,those three little words ‘Happy New Year‘  wether via an email,within a blog,in a letter or phone.

Two words:New and Year are quite obvious to all.

Yet ’Happy’ has an entirely different meaning to each and every person.

Happy to one person could be: that fantastic holiday you had always promised yourself.

It can also mean:

Seeing a smile on the face of someone you haven’t seen for a while.


Continue to support your chosen charity.


It could mean knowing your health is in tip top condition.


And of course there are many other reasons,which are too numerous yet still as important as the above to each individual.


Hence the title of this post:2012  Wishing You Your Best Ever Year,in straightforward translates to:

I wish you Your Best Ever Year in 2012 which in turn will bring you much happiness.

To each person i have met as yet(and to those whom i am still to meet)2012 is i hope for you all you are wishing for and more.

Taxi arriving in a short while,off to enjoy New Years Eve x

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