Relax and unwind

Time certainly does fly by,this may be the reason that majority of calls do equate to more relaxed dinner/dates and overnight liasons.

An opportunity to also mention that meetings do not necessarily need to  include private time.

It may be you would want to meet just to enjoy a relaxed lunch at your favourite restaurant or you may have a corporate event which requires a sophisticated,elegant,female presence at your side.

It may sound quite obvious yet two ‘like’ minds do so enjoy the  similar  joys life has to offer:

*  Theatre,

*  Fine Dining

*  Opera

*  Formula 1

*  The Proms

*  West End Shows

*  At ease within a corporate enviroment


*  Horseracing(part of the Irish heritage)

ie.,intellectually being on the same level,with conversation flowing naturally.

Not wanting to sound formal, yet do remember,all meetings(time and companionship) warrant the donations mentioned within this website.

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